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Dro­gen­mi­lieu: min­des­tens seit den 1930er-Jah­ren; wegen des Anfangs­buch­sta­ben “H”.

Aitsch; [Big] H; Acht; [Bad] Har­ry; Junk.

»In Sep­tem­ber my cou­sin tried ree­fer 4 the very first time / Now he’s doing hor­se, it’s June«
Prin­ce, »Sign O the Times« Prin­ce © 1987

“Ain’t not­hing a grea­ter blast than ‘hor­se.’ It’s your pri­vi­le­ge to wake up slow if you want. ‘Hor­se’ is what puts the ice in a pimp’s game.” Ice­berg Slim, Pimp 

“He kept the need­le in pum­ping the “hor­se” into the vein then dra­wing it out. … ‘Man, you ain’t hip? That’s whe­re the thrill is. When I jack this joint off the ‘hor­se’ kicks my ass groo­vy.’ ” Ice­berg Slim, Pimp


hart arbei­ten­der Sport­ler; einer, der nicht locker­lässt und stets alles gibt


“Shaq is the best hor­se the Lakers ever had down in the paint. Sere­na and Venus Wil­liams are hor­ses in ten­nis.” Shabazz 2013

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