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SlangGuy’s Online-Slang-Wör­ter­buch: Englisch-Deutsch
— bezischt; breit; knül­le; fett; dicht; einen in der Hacke haben; Ober­kan­te, Unterlippe.


ape-shit; bas­ted; bof­fed; blind; blitz­krie­ged; blown out; bre­wed; coma­to­sed; cris­py; faced; shit-faced; far­med; fee­ling no pain; gone; got to down; hur­tin’; inver­te­bra­ted; jui­ced; knee-wal­king; laid out; LD; legless; loo­ped; lit; mes­sed up; nine-eyed; no con­di­ti­on to be in the public eye; obli­te­ra­ted; otis; out of here; para­ly­tic; pick­led; plan­ted; plas­te­red; ploug­hed; pol­lu­ted; rip­ped; rip­ped out of one’s gourd; smas­hed; smu­cke­red; sno­cke­red; sou­sed; tan­ked; ted; tight as a coot; toas­ted; total­led out; tore out of the frame; tra­s­hed; was­ted; whip­ped; wide open; wiped out; woofy; zooed; zulued.



»Just like the base that went up your nose pre­vious­ly, / So it seems you’­re too zooed to battle.«
Chubb Rock, »Ya Bad Chubbs«
Chubb Rock / Howie Tee © 1989

© 2016 Bern­hard Schmid
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