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take a hike

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.… . . nach­schla­gen, schmö­kern, mitmachen 



Anmer­kung / Note: meist als mehr oder weni­ger freund­li­che / iro­ni­sche Auf­for­de­rung: »Ver­zieh dich!«
Defi­ni­ti­on: sich ent­fer­nen; weggehen. 

sich ver­zie­hen; abhau­en; Lei­ne zie­hen.

Vgl. / Cf.: [air out].[amscray].[ankle].[ankle along].[bag ass].[bail].[beat it].[blast off].[blaze].[blow].[blow away].[boogie].[book].[book it].[boot and saddle].[bop off].[breeze].[breeze off].[broom].[bugger off].[bug out].[bunk].[burn].[burn rubber].[butt out].[buzz].[buzz off].[catch ones lid].[chase oneself].[chase along].[check out].[cheese it].[clear out].[clock out].[cruise].[cut].[cut a].[cut and run].[cut ass].[cut out].[diddy now].[dig out].[drag ass].[drag one’s freight].[drag it].[duck out].[dust].[ease].[ease on out].[ease out].[fade].[fade away].[fade out].[flake off].[fly the coop].[fuck off].[get going].[get lost].[get moving].[get off the block].[get off the dime].[get on one’s horse].[get the hell out].[git].[go south].[haul one’s ashes].[haul ass].[haul it].[head out].[highball].[hightail].[hightail it].[hike].[hit out].[hit the bricks].[hit the road].[hit the trail].[hoof].[hoof it].[hook it].[hop it].[lam].[light].[light out].[make like a bana­na split].[make like a paper doll and cut out].[make like a sheepherder].[make like a tree and leave].[make ones­elf scarce].[make tracks].[mosey].[mosey along].[nix out].[patch out].[peel out].[[esp Brit] piss off].[pop off].[powder].[pull one’s freight].[pull out].[punch out].[rabbit].[rabbit-foot].[ramble].[rip off].[[Brit] scarper].[scoot].[scram].[screw].[set sail].[shag].[shag ass].[shemozzle].[shove off].[shufe along].[skate].[skedaddle].[skiddoo].[skin out].[skip].[skip out].[sky out].[sky up].[slide].[slope].[split the scene].[take a douche].[take a hike].[take a powder].[take a run­out powder].[take it on the lam].[take off].[take off like a bat out of hell].[take off like a bigass bird].[toddle along].[toddle off].[trot].[truck].[truck along].[up stakes].[vamoose].[waltz off].[warp out]. 

* sie­he auch

Zita­te / Quotes

»Now take a hike with that slay­ed-up heart.«
Salt ’n’ Pepa, »I’ll Take Your Man«
Geor­ge Clin­ton Jr. / Boot­sy Coll­ins / Ber­nie Wor­rell / Her­by Azor © 1986

»When I flow, nig­gaz know it’s time to take a hike«
Dr. Dre, »Keep Their Heads Rin­gin’«
And­re R. Young / Ange­la L. Brown / Sam Sneed / Cheryl L. Cook / Syl­via Van­der­pool Robin­son / Gwen­d­olyn Y. Chis­holm © 1995

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