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boun­ce into a room

SlangGuy’s Online-Slang-Wör­ter­buch: Englisch-Deutsch
eilig einen Raum treten
in einen Raum [hinein]stürmen; ins Zim­mer plat­zen / stür­zen; rein­plat­zen; rein­schnei­en; rein­ge­stürmt kommen.





“she boun­ced into the room yeling ‘Fire!”

“… to say some­thing, but then a swin­ging door on the far side of the room ban­ged open and a radi­ant young woman with big brown eyes boun­ced into the room.”
Dou­glas Houck, For Fame and Glory

“… recal­ling the count­less times Pat, who was the main pia­nist, had “boun­ced” into the theat­re just minu­tes befo­re the curta­ins rose, dissipating …”
A round of applau­se for Pat
Jamai­caOb­ser­ver . com

“Having had the oppor­tu­ni­ty to see one of the newest of the gen­re, The Twist, which boun­ced into the Theat­re Roy­al, Wind­sor, this week, I can hap­pi­ly vote it a hit.”

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